HIV in Children
Presently working:
Head of the Referral Centre for Paediatric HIV infection at Department of Paediatrics of the University of Padua.
Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Paediatric Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the Institute of Child Health in London
HIV related activities:
Head of the Paediatric European Network Treatment of AIDS PENTA (since 1993)
Co-ordinator of research programmes in AIDS project – National Institute of Health and social AIDS, projects (ISS) (from 1988).
Funder of the European Collaborative Study on the natural history of HIV infections in childhood.
Co-ordinator of social AIDS projects financed by the European Community, programme "Europe against AIDS"(UE) (1999 – 2005)
WHO Consultant and advisor on “Pediatric HIV DRUG Resistance Monitoring” in Mozambique (from 2006)
Member of the National Committee for the fight against AIDS and other infectious diseases, Ministry of Health (1998-2000).
Co-ordinator of the project Progetto di Prevenzione della Polmonite da Pneumocystis Carinii nei bambini HIV positive - Co-operation between the Pediatric Clinic and the St.Francis’-Nsambya Hospital in Kampala, Uganda (from 2004).
Chair of the ESPID Education Committee (from 2007)
Publications: >150 peer reviewed publications Invited speakers at about 200 conferences and international workshops