HIV in Children
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Under Category :  ART
Posted By : Anil Gupta
On : 12 Jul 2013
I want to share our publication in Journal of Tropical Pediatrics VOL. 59, NO. 2, 2013 in Advance Access published on 5 December 2012.


Title: Early Diagnosis of HIV in Children below 18 months using
DNA PCR Test—Assessment of the Effectiveness of PMTCT
Interventions and Challenges in Early Initiation of ART in a
Resource-Limited Setting
by Anil Gupta;
Additional Project Director cum Technical Lead, Delhi State AIDS Control Society, Govt of NCT of Delhi
Under Category :  Organ Dysfunctions
Posted By : Brigitte Dunais
On : 06 Jan 2013
I have been wondering about the previous case report in your December issue. I am no specialist, but have an interest in HIV infection and have recently taken a postgraduate course in tropical medicine where I learnt that malignant strongyloidosis could occur in HIV infection with multi-organ failure, hypo-albuminemia, and secondary infection with Gram negative agents, namely Pseudomonas. Was this possibility investigated in your patient?
Under Category :  Public health
On : 12 Sep 2010
Am associated with a center in eastern India which works as a Palliaitve Care home for orphans with HIVIDS. Looking out for Palliaitve Paeditric Models. Any suggestions
Under Category :  Public health
Posted By : alpa furia
On : 26 Jan 2010
P, is a 7 year old girl whose parents were HIV infected. She underwent HIV testing at Mumbai in a government setup. Her tests revealed that she was also HIV infected. Her parents were devastated. P had never had any problems in her life and was an outstanding student in her school. Parents contemplated suicide but decided to do another test after consulting another doctor. Fortunately for P, her test was negative. Subsequently her tests have come negative elsewhere too. P is not HIV infected.

Why did P get a positive HIV report There have been many newspaper articles on faulty kits and false positive HIV reports. Infact due to not knowing identity of these patients, many patients who may have tested positive may actually be negative and not knowing about the same. What life they must be living!!. It may be miserable for them. Not all like P would have got a repeat test done elsewhere. Someone may have contemplated suicide, some one may have got depression and someone may ha....
Under Category :  ART
Posted By : Edsel Peter
On : 11 Nov 2008
WIth the advent of FDCs and free ART, antritretroviral therapy has become affordable and convenient for children. However most of the pediatric FDCs are avaibale with NVp and EFV is mainly kept aside to be used in children on ART with TB coinfection. But there is a problem there. There are some instances when patients who have been on EFV based therapy for years when go to the government centre are shifted to NVP as the govt plan has no provision for EFV in these children. Also if a child is on anti TB treatment ATT and he is started on ART then he is given EFV for the time that he is on ATT and then shifted to NVP once ATT is stopped. Also there is no govt provision for children less than 3 years and when requiring ART with ATT.. When will this interchangibility end Logistically it may be a lot of money but resistance is a major issue. The rules need to be more open to EFV based regime in these children or allow NVP to be increased to a dose of 400mgsqmday when the child....
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