HIV in Children
Short Stature with hepatosplenomegaly – Is it HIV?
Ira Shah
Ira Shah
Professor and Head, Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Gastroenterology, B J Wadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai, India.
Consultant in Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Hepatology, Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, India.

A 10 years old girl born of non-consanguineous marriage was referred by the pediatrician in view of a positive HIV rapid test. She had presented to the pediatrician with short stature noticed since 6 years of age and lump in left side of abdomen. There was no jaundice or blood transfusion required anytime. There were no urinary complaints. Her milestones were normal. On examination, height was 105 cms, weight was 18.6 kg with anemia. She had no dysmorphic features. On systemic examination, she had splenohepatomegaly. Other systems were normal. Blood pressure was normal. Investigations are depicted below:
• Hemoglobin = 7.5 gm/dl, WBC = 6700/cumm (30% polymorphs, 63% lymphocytes, normoblasts 7%), Platelet = 93,000/cumm
• Bilirubin = 0.5 mg/dl, SGOT = 37 IU/L, SGPT = 12 IU/L, total proteins = 7.2 mg/dl, Albumin = 4.2 gm/dl
• Ultrasound abdomen = Splenohepatomegaly
• HBsAg, HIV ELISA – positive
• X-Ray – see image

What is the diagnosis?
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