HIV in Children
About Us HIV disease in children is on the rise. With increasing prevalence of HIV in women among childbearing age group, absence of effective prevention program to restrict mother to child transmission of HIV and late detection as well as diagnosis of HIV in infected children; it has led to progression of this devastating disease. Having affected millions of homes worldwide, HIV has already entered many households and if nothing is done at present, it would lead to an epidemic of immense magnitude from which recovery will be slow and financially as well as emotionally draining.
It has become necessary to develop treatment protocols and management policies suitable as per resources and not as per every nation. Thus, treatment guidelines have been devised keeping in mind the varied disease spectrum and resources available. Thus the guidelines do not differ as per the country or area.

This website is with a purpose to create awareness about impact of HIV in children, to dispel the myths and misconceptions and to aid the clinicians to develop a clinical acumen for effective management of these children and the affected families. Also latest research as well as aid to the best possible means is a motto of this organization.
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